Update Patch Detail V.6.2

Update Patch Detail V.6.2 , Berikut Update Detail Versi tersebut :

Periode Maintenance :
Selasa, 30 Juni 2020
pukul 07:00 – Selesai
Content :

1. 2 New Characters


2. 3 New Uniforms

3. 2 Potential Awakened and Hulk Tier-3 Advancement

4. Hulk (Amadeus Cho) New Awakened Skill Added

5. New Future Pass Season


6. Danger Room Abomination’s Special Training Added

7. Story Mode: New Chapter 11 Story <The All-War> Added

8. Story Mode 1 Theme Storyline <Dimensional Clash> Alternate Mode Added

9. Shadowland 35th Floor Added

10. 1 New Uniform Collection

11. New Special Icons Added

12. Other Information

13. Game Error Fixes

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