The Galactic Imperative Epic Quest

The Galactic Imperative Epic Quest , Pada Update yang bisa kamu baca di Update Comic Guardian Galaxy!  terdapat epic quest baru yang bernama The Galactic Imperative.

Pada Epic Quest ini kamu harus menyelesaikan misi, Oke kita langsung ke Daftar misinya dengan format 

Nama Misi :
Misi :

1. Bill Of Health
Dimension Mission Clear 3 times

2. The Mosh Dangerous
Use 50 Energy

3. Drax-ophone
Dimension Mission Accquire Contribution Reward 1 Time

4. Group Therapy
Upgrade 1 Time

5. Time to Pay Up 
Participate 5 Times

6. Moment of Zen
Rank Up Star-Lord to 4 Stars

7. Weapon Raid
Enchanted Uru Combine Time

8.Suiting Up
Research Craft Star-lord’s New Costume

9. Panic In The Streets
Upgrade Custom Gear 5 Times

10. Nebulous Threat
Unexpected Intruder Clear Dangerous Sisters 2 Times

11. Joining Forces
Rank Up Nebula to 4 Stars

12. The Universe Awaits
Fuel The Milado #1

13. Flight Check
Use 2.000.000 Gold

14. Breaking In
Rank Up Star-Lord to 6 Starts

15. Welcome Back
Unexpected Intruder Clear Dangerous Sisters 4 Times

16. What a Riot!
Rank Up Nebula to 6 Stars

17. Total Lockdown
Reach Tier-2 With Star-lord

18. Quantum Combatant
Space Prison Clear QUantum Power 5 Times

19. Peace of Mind
Timeline Battle Participate 10 Times

20. Broked Blade
Research Repair the Quantum Sword

21. Raptor’s Rage
Space Prison Clear Wings of Darkness 5 Times

22. Heart of the Hawk
Search Find the Raptop Amulet

23. Hammer Time!
Retrieve The Raptop Amulet

24. Grab and Go
Rank Up Gamora to 4 Stars

25. Storage Wars
Space Prison Clear Quantum Power8 Times

26. Full Nova
Search Examine the Nova Helmet Pierces

27. Call in the Corps
Researh Repair the Nova Helmet

28. Distress Signal
Rank Up Darkhawk to 3 starts

29. Boarding Party
Space Prison Clear Wings Of Darkness 8 Times

30. Kree Compromised
Rank Up Gamore to 6 Stars

31. Cosmic Vengeance
UnExpected Intruder Clear Cosmic Rider 2 Times

32. Justice Served
Timeline Battle win 10 Times

33. Hell on Wheels
Search Fund the Hell Cycle

34. Sole Survivors
Rank Up Darkhawk to 5 Stars

35. Self-Destruct Sequence
Dimension Mission Acquire Contribution Reward 1 Time

36. Just A Scratch
Research The Hell Cycle

37. Shifting Gears
Rank Up Punisher to 4 Stars

38. Slow Burn
ISO Combine 5 Times

39. Double Rose
Research Activate the Nova Helmet

40. Root Of Evil
Custom Gear Upgrade upgrade Custom Gear 10 Times 

41. Rece to Evil
Research Fueld the Milano #2

42. Hostile Territory
UnExpected Intruder Clear Cosmic Rider 10 Times

43. Raise the Shields
Research Convert Milano Energy

44.  Infection Point
Rank Up Punisher to 6 Stars

45. Into the Breach
Timeline Battle Participate 5 Times

46. Getting board
Search Examine Silver Sufer’s Board

47. Silver Mettle
Clear the Fallen Herald 2 times

48. Cosmic Connection
Research Restoe Silver sufer’s senses

49. Imperial Issues
Rank Up Phyla-vell to 3 Stars

50. Sample Selection
Danger Room Paticipate 1 Time

51. Cure For Corruption
The Fault Clear the Fallen Herald 3 times

52. Getting Pumped
Squad Battle Participate 1 Times

53. Shi’ar Showdown
The Fault Clear Ultimate Corruption 3 Times

54. Final Shot
Rank Up Phyla-Vell to 5 Stars

55. Sealing the Rift
Epic Quest Complete All Stories

Artikel ini bersifat Sementara Karena Akan MFF-ID update Lebih Lanjut untuk detil nya

The Galactic Imperative Epic Quest
The Galactic Imperative Epic Quest

Demikian The Galactic Imperative Epic Quest jika masih kurang Informasinya dapat kamu lihat disini, Semoga dapat membantu. 


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